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Multi-Clipboard plugin for Notepad++

Notepad++ is an excellent open-sourced text editor, that is extensible with its powerful plugin capabilities. Multi-Clipboard plugin provides fast storage and retrieval of text snippets that have been copied to the system clipboard.

Latest: MultiClipboard 2.1 9th September 2011

This program is able to scroll any number of text items in a draggable and resizable window on your desktop, in a horizontal or vertical direction. Please notice the new Tele Prompter program, using WPF for hardware accelerated scrolling in larger windows.

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With Multi Clipboard you have access to nine clipboard texts (slots), which you can select either via mouseclick when the program window is active, or via Hotkey "Ctrl + NUMPAD 1.. 9". This copies the selected slot to the Windows clipboard, from which you can paste it into your active application (for instance with Ctrl + V). The hotkey "Ctrl + NUMPAD 0" hides or shows the program window, depending on the previous state.

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Help is available for this plugin, in the Help > Help Contents menu in EasyEclipse.

Use 'Alt+C' and 'Alt+X' instead of 'Ctl+C' and 'Ctl+X' to copy and cut, respectively. The copied entries are kept in a stack, which you can paste using 'Alt+V' followed by '1' for the first entry, 'Alt+V' followed by '2' for the second entry, etc.

You can see the stack in a view: select Window > Show View > Others... and choose Multi Clipboard > Multi Clipboard.

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The best clipboard utility for Windows.

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