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Enable COM Port-based applications to communicate
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Transparently network-enables serial applications.

Serial Port Redirector 2.6.6 full description

Serial Port Redirector is used to connect a serial application to a remote TCP socket. This allows you to utilize modern hardware COM servers without changing your software or exchange data between a TCP/IP application and an old-fashioned program that can only connect to a serial port. Serial Port Redirector creates a two-way bridge between a serial application and a specific TCP port at a specified IP address. This is done by creating virtual COM ports. When a serial application connects to one of these COM ports, a connection is established to a specified host and all the data from the COM port gets redirected via the Internet or a Local Area Network. The program receives data from network and redirects them to virtual COM port. It works transparently for serial apps. They use virtual COM ports as if they were connected directly to your hardware devices. With Serial Port Redirector, you can easily control remote hardware COM servers via a TCP/IP network from your serial application designed to work with locally connected devices only. Now you can access a router console, work with sales terminals and barcode scanners and more. Modern electronic instruments may not support COM ports. They are plugged into USB or network adapters and can only send/receive data via TCP/IP networks. If you wish to use your old serial applications to analyze the data or control the devices, you will need a tool like Serial Port Redirector. Serial Port Redirector is compatible with the vast majority of hardware COM servers. Moreover, it can actually enhance their functionality. Normally, hardware COM servers are equipped with some basic software applications. For example, they are usually supplied with a terminal program that uses the Telnet protocol. While this works OK in a simple interactive mode, raw data transfers get scrambled due to an incomplete protocol implementation. Serial Port Redirector solves this problem.

  • The timing effects of the TCP protocol stack, e.g. network packetization and Nagle's algorithm.
  • Management of the IP routing table to avoid loss of an IP route to the device server.
  • Detection and handling of network interruptions, possibly with an automatic attempt to reconnect to the device server to resume application data flow.

Redirectors must also deal with the feature differences of networked device servers related to:

  • Visibility and control of serial line signals such as DSR, DCD, CTS, DTR. The redirector may be able to sufficiently emulate these signals.

Many organizations run these applications on various server
platforms.  While other Terminal Server vendors provide a COM port redirector
that is limited to the Windows operating systems, Perle’s TruePort provides
a comprehensive driver set supporting Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems. View all supported operating systems.

Features and Benefits

Our Free Virtual Serial Port driver may be used with software designed to control the following RS232, RS422, RS485 equipment and peripherals:

Dial-up modems, terminals, printers, RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 test instruments, industrial equipment and automation systems, PLCs, VFDs, servo drives, CNC RS-232 controllers, laboratory automation equipment, scientific instruments, Serial device servers, NPort servers, multiport serial boards, Serial to fiber converters, RS-232 to RS-422/485 converters.


This type of license is optimal for you, if you have representation offices in different parts of the country, or even in different parts of the world! So, you will need only one Advanced COM Port Redirector license to install it on an unlimited number of computers at any company location worldwide.

Usage examples

Serial Port Redirector can be used to access remote serial devices connected to serial device servers. Also you can use the program to connect usual serial communications software with TCP/IP software.

It is possible to configure the virtual port without parameters. If the "-R" parameter is used, first the configuration from the system registers is red and after that the parameters defined on the command line are overwritten.

When the VSP is loaded with the command line switches, no data are saved to the registers after the VSP program is closed!

FAQ & Support

Q: Is it possible to use HW VSP to connect 2 serial
ports on 2 PCs computers over Ethernet?

NO, HW VSP requires that on the other side of the communication
should be a device of the PortBox, IP Relay or similar type. IT is possible
to connect two HW VSP with each other (TCP CLIENT and TCP Server), but
the data can not be sent to the physical COM port of the PC.

Q: Is it possible to run the HW VSP on the PC with
just USER rights?

A:  YEs, since 2.3 version, there is fixed bug with user
rights. The program have to be installed by PC's administrator, but
can be 100% used with just user rights.

Q:  Is it possible to buy or use the HW VSP source

A:  YES, if you are interested in this application source
codes, we can sell you just licence without our advertisement or full
source codes of application include 3 months support.. The HW VSP is
writen in the Borland C++ builder.
More you can have a discount for the Virtual Serial Drive - contact
us please for more details..

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