Xilisoft Video Snapshot for Mac

Remove Xilisoft Video Snapshot from Mac system guide

Do you really know how to fully uninstall Xilisoft Video Snapshot from your Mac? Even though app removal in OS system seems like much easier then conducting uninstall process on Windows operating system, there are still some puzzles and problems while they are trying to uninstall Xilisoft Video Snapshot on their Macs.

For most Mac users, removing an installed program on their computers is just a piece of cake, because they only need to drag the program file to the trash, but there is a neglected big problem in this part which often creates some troubles for the people, which is the leftovers issue; besides the application itself, there are many additional files stored in the computer and usually skipped by the program removing process. In order uninstall Xilisoft Video Snapshot and other programs accurately and thoroughly, you should take a note about the following removal steps and tips.

Available options to uninstall Xilisoft Video Snapshot on Mac

Option one - remove Xilisoft Video Snapshot in the most traditional way

Step 1: Download Xilisoft Video Snapshot for Mac. Install and run it.

Step 2: Load video files.
Click "Add Video File" button to load your video files.

The software offers three options to capture single frame: "Capture to Picture List", "Capture from Frame Window", "Direct Export".

Choose the video file you want, click the play button below the built-in player to play the video. When it comes to the frame you like, long press the capture button below the player, and choose the picture capture way you want. The way you choose will be the default one when you short press the button to capture picture next time.

If you choose "Capture to Picture List", then the captured picture will be displayed in the picture list for your preview and export.

Xilisoft Video Snapshot for Mac

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As you can see that, applying MacRemover to uninstall Xilisoft Video Snapshot performs more effectively than taking the first removal method, those complicatedly additional removing steps can all be skipped while using the remover, and the complete removal also can be ensured and does not leave any further issues.

Other ways to uninstall Xilisoft Video Snapshot

Besides removing Xilisoft Video Snapshot with the above two common methods, you also can choose to get rid of the program with one of the following methods, but please note that many of the program's preferences and support files also cannot be removed during the standard removal, you also need to perform the additional removal to erase all of its files leaving on the PC.

Remove a software from the dock

Export pictures from picture list: Preview your captured image files in the picture list, recapture and select image files, then output them.

Or click "Export HTML" button (the third one) to open "Export HTML" dialog, set the "Web Page Template", "Picture Format", "Thumbnail Size" and "Export Location" option to output them as HTML webpage.

Xilisoft Video Snapshot for Mac

3. Export pictures from picture list

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