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Magic Bullet Mojo is a program developed by Red Giant Software. The software is designed to connect to the Internet and adds a Windows Firewall exception in order to do so without being interfered with. The setup package is about 68.05 MB (71,357,444 bytes) when donwloaded. In comparison to the total number of users, most PCs are running the OS Windows 7 (SP1) as well as Windows 8. While about 41% of users of Magic Bullet Mojo come from the United States, it is also popular in United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

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Adobe After Effects (Size: 12.89 MB) (Files: 88)

 Adobe After Effects

  After Effects CS4 or earlier

   Magic Bullet Mojo AE 1.1.exe

  After Effects CS5

   Magic Bullet Mojo 1.2.exe

 Adobe Premiere Pro

  Premiere Pro CS4 or earlier

   Magic Bullet Mojo PPRO 1.1.exe

  Premiere Pro CS5

   Magic Bullet Mojo 1.2.exe

Red Giant Software has expanded Looks to now have 198 Look presets and 44 tools to correct and grade your footage. All the awesome original tools are still there, but newly added to the set are nine tools including Color Space, Colorista, Film Negative/Print, 4-way color, Mojo, DuoTone, Lens Vignette and Shadows/Highlights. We especially love the Shadows/Highlight tool as it works very similarly to Adobe Lightroom’s adjustment tools. This is some of that magic that blows your mind. Seeing how simple and effective they make it without the user needing to know color science is amazing.

Magic Bullet Colorista III

Red Giant has updated this widely-used color correction tool with simpler controls and new capabilities. In my day-to-day editing, this author has used Colorista as the go-to color correction plug-in for years. This new version not only brings GPU acceleration, but new tools like the aforementioned Shadows/Highlight controls, more detailed curves editing and one of our favorite effects, the Vignette slider. We love the fact that we can use Adobe Premiere Pro’s effects masks to apply Colorista III to parts of our image and even automatically track those masks across time.

The earlier version of Colorista was a feature-packed plug-in that functioned like a mini-grading application. It had master, primary, and secondary grading, plus curves, a power mask, and keyer. With Colorista III, Red Giant decided to simplify the plug-in by including one level of primary grading, curves, a keyer, and HSL secondary adjustments. The power mask is gone, because the developers decided to rely on the new built-in masking that’s part of Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X. Adobe added bezier masks with built-in tracking to all effects, so if you are using Colorista III in Premiere Pro CC, you now have a better masking capability than in the past. Apple added shape masks to all effects with the introduction of FCP X 10.2.

With FCP X, the developers were able to integrate the color grading wheels into the inspector pane, but in a vertical configuration. The response of the wheels is weighted, so that you move the mouse farther in relationship to the puck’s travel on-screen. This results in better granularity to the adjustment, but might require a bit of time for new users to get accustomed to the feel. Although it includes curves, these are not true multi-point curves, as you are limited to five control points along the line. Typically these work best when you want an s-curve correction.

 Davinci Resolve11, 12


- Support All Hosts - Works in all major editing hosts, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Vegas and Avid systems. There are a few common action film presets for all hosts. NOTE: Presets do not ship with Mojo for Vegas.

- Precise Rendering - Floating-point support for high-quality precision output

-Fast Render Speed - The plug-in has been tuned to deliver fast render times on any system — no GPU required

Magic Bullet Cosmo 2.0.2 - Плагин, являющийся быстрым, профессиональным косметическим инструментом для ваших видео футажей. Cosmo приглаживает тона кожи, смягчает проблемные области и устраняет пятна используя технологию Colorista. Все предустановки плагина были тщательно проработаны, чтобы ускорить и упростить его использование. С помощью Cosmo вы сможете делать прекрасные крупные планы в HD, очаровательные кадры и визуально сокращать возраст персонажей. Сделайте 30-летнюю модель из 40 или 50-летней актрисы еще лучше, чем она могла вообразить!

• Denoiser II: Easy video noise reduction. Remove noise and grain from your footage. Shooting in low light or at high ISO’s can add a lot of noise to your footage. Denoiser gets rid of that without removing detail. Noise Reduction in one step - just apply Denoiser II, and the default settings usually do the job. There are also controls for fine tuning if you need them. But you probably won’t.
- Provides immediate one-step results.
- Removes noise while preserving detail.
- Cleans up footage shot in low light or at high ISOs.

• LUT Buddy: Import, create and export Lookup Tables. LUT Buddy was created with the professional colorist in mind. In fact, the product came directly out of the film work of Stu Maschwitz, the Creative Director for many of our products. LUT Buddy runs in popular editors like After Effects and FCP, and shares its values beautifully with our new BulletProof application. Export a 1D or 3D LUT to easily communicate color with compliant software and devices ranging from DaVinci Resolve to Panasonic displays. If you’re already using LUTs in your workflow, this tool was designed for you.
- Export a 1D or 3D LUT to easily communicate color with compliant software.
- Create LUTs for use in BulletProof, or read LUTs generated there.
- Works in Multiple Host applications including Premiere Pro and After Effects.


for Mojo which can be found both on the Red Giant website as well as on Vimeo. My bottom line is that Magic Bullet Mojo is an excellent and trouble free plug in enabling you to move away from the harsh appearance that video often presents and create many of the 'looks' you might want to replicate from films you have seen. Keep in mind my recommendation that Mojo does appear to be most productive when the footage is shot with the background shadows in mind. Whether you already have Magic Bullet Looks or Colorista, Magic Bullet Mojo stands on its own as a very useful color grading tool.
starter tutorialOne can spend an awful amount of time just experimenting with the many creative looks one can produce with Magic Bullet's Mojo, yet its strength, once you grow accustomed to how the 10 parameters work together, is that you can adjust the appearance of your footage quickly, save your settings for future projects and easily achieve the look you were seeking out.
Magic Bullet Mojo, designed by Stu Maschwitz, is completely compatible with Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Motion, Premier Pro and Avid systems. Magic Bullet Mojo was simple to install and found its Final Cut Pro, Motion and Adobe After Effects destinations without problems. Red Giant and Stu Maschwitz have produced an excellent

As always, when installing any Red Giant software, you are brought to an Internet site where you can then register your software. To Red Giant's credit, they frequently produce video tutorials and updates for any of their software. Unfortunately, they do not appear to use any of your registration information to notify you of these updates. When updating an application it is easy to know which version of the application you have by using the application's 'check for updates' button or to check an updates page. However, with plug-ins like the excellent ones the Red Giant team produces, it is far too easy to forget just which versions of a plug in you have. I have a major issue with any company that requires you to register your software yet does not utilize that information to inform you of any update that might come around the corner. Most plug-in companies I have worked with send out regular notifications of plug-in updates and I see no reason why Red Giant would be reluctant to use the registration information to do the same.


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