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1) How to solve Text-To-Speech problem. (Voice issue)
(1) In app, Click FAQ in menu button or screen of Notification App
(2) Disable all of TTS-related app on the below in FAQ screen.

Photon Flash Video Player & Private Web Browser for iPad

Appsverse Inc.

Photon Flash Web Browser for iPad is the most versatile and consistent option in the category, as it displays all Flash content, including videos, games, and websites. Photon performs like a normal browser until you click on a button with a lightning bolt on it, at which point it starts a remote streaming session that allows you to view Flash content. One nice feature is that Photon allows you to set how much of your bandwidth you want to use. Once I adjusted the settings, it handled everything I threw at it, from Amazon Instant Videos to Marvel Digital Comics.  As with all streaming, the video quality and watchability can be hit-or-miss and the streaming interface is at times frustrating, but no other app is as easy to use and works as well on as many websites.

The third file to learn before we get down to the actually coding is application.xml in the project´s root. This is where the information about your application is specified. You should start by entering a unique id and name. Preferably this should not be changed later during development. On the other hand, the version number in this file should, in order to keep builds apart.

Add a new folder to your project called "assets" and place an image into this folder, preferably in the same league size-wise as our project.

Open src\Main.as and edit accordingly:

publicclass Main extends Sprite {
privatevar _starling:Starling;

public function Main():void {
// This time we won't scale our application (check next post for that :).
stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;

// Trigger an event handler when application looses focus (see note in handler).
stage.addEventListener(Event.DEACTIVATE, deactivate);

Flash´In´App это Cocoa фреймворк для разработчиков приложений под Mac, который позволяет встраивать Adobe® Flash ролики в приложение и управлять ими прямо из него.

Listing 2: Flash Player right-click menu customization: 

In case you would like to make loaded movie’s background transparent, you will need to add the following call:

// listen for inventory events
AndroidIAB.androidIAB.addEventListener(AndroidBillingEvent.ITEM_DETAILS_LOADED, onItemDetails);
AndroidIAB.androidIAB.addEventListener(AndroidBillingErrorEvent.ITEM_DETAILS_FAILED, onDetailsFailed);

function onItemDetails(e:AndroidBillingEvent):void
for each(var item:AndroidItemDetails in e.itemDetails)
trace("item id:"+item.itemId);

function onDetailsFailed(e:AndroidBillingErrorEvent):void
trace("Something went wrong loading details: "+e.text);

// load info about the items for sale
var allItemIds:Vector.<String>=new <String>["my_spell", "my_subscription", "my_levelpack"];

// this will make a PURCHASE_SUCCEEDED event happen again for anything the user has bought
// previously for your app. When it's all done, the TRANSACTIONS_RESTORED event will occur.
// this event is fired when a restore is finished.
private function onTransactionsRestored(e:StoreKitEvent):void
// your app got PURCHASE_SUCCEEDED for each old purchase, and should've
// give the items to the user.
trace(“restore complete!”);
// this event happens when something goes wrong with the restore
private function onTransactionRestoreFailed(e:StoreKitErrorEvent):void
trace(“there was an error restoring transactions:”+e.text);

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Sample code for how to erase/write LPC1768, LPC11U24, LPC1114, LPC812 and LPC824 internal flash memory.
This program uses IAP call of MCU's ROM routines.
The IAP library also supports read/write of EEPROM in LPC11U24.






Great App

I absolutely love this app it is very well made and I seem to never have any problems with it. The only notable problem is that when I try to download some things it can take a very long time, and when I try with another service it's fast. Other than that one of the greatest browsing apps! Highly recommended!