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A tiny cryst-fairy who came to guide the vestal in the crystals' hour of need. She said a miracle would appear before Agnès at the chasm.

A female of unknown age. This self-proclaimed cryst-fairy seems to know much about the crystals and the path the vestal should take. With regard to anything else, however, she tends to act like a precocious, fussy crybaby.

Airy suddenly turned into something resembling a monstrous larva, and attacked us. Agnès was stunned, but the creature only snickered at how it had fooled us all...

After Airy was defeated in her hideous larva-like form, she changed into an even more repulsive pupal beast, and set upon us again!


airy dress — воздушное платье
airy spirit — бесплотный дух
airy garments — прозрачные одежды


airy tread — лёгкая походка
airy figure — тонкая фигура


Ideally positioned along US Route 601 in the hollows of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and a mile north of I-74 is the Holiday Inn Express® Mount Airy, NC property. This hotel's address near the Blue Ridge Parkway puts patrons within minutes of downtown Mount Airy and ensures easy access to the local area.

Plot the absolute value of over the complex plane.

Find Derivatives of Airy Functions

Find the derivative of the Airy function of
the first kind, Ai′(x),
at 0 by specifying the first argument of airy as 1.
Then, numerically approximate the derivative using vpa.

The tall Observatory, on its airy steel framework, rises three hundred feet to overlook the wonderful scene.

where the integral is over a path C starting at the point at infinity with argument −π/2 and ending at the point at infinity with argument π/2. Alternatively, we can use the differential equation y′′ − xy = 0 to extend Ai(x) and Bi(x) to entire functions on the complex plane.

The asymptotic formula for Ai(x) is still valid in the complex plane if the principal value of x2/3 is taken and x is bounded away from the negative real axis. The formula for Bi(x) is valid provided x is in the sector {xC : |arg(x)| < (π/3)−δ} for some positive δ. Finally, the formulae for Ai(−x) and Bi(−x) are valid if x is in the sector {xC : |arg(x)| < (2π/3)−δ}.

It follows from the asymptotic behaviour of the Airy functions that both Ai(x) and Bi(x) have an infinity of zeros on the negative real axis. The function Ai(x) has no other zeros in the complex plane, while the function Bi(x) also has infinitely many zeros in the sector {zC : π/3 < |arg(z)| < π/2}.

Relation to other special functions]edit[

For positive arguments, the Airy functions are related to the modified Bessel functions:

Here, I±1/3 and K1/3 are solutions of

Tay Bridge disaster]edit[

Original Tay Bridge from the north

Destruction of the Tay Bridge

Airy was consulted about wind speeds and pressures likely to be encountered on the proposed Forth suspension bridge being designed by Thomas Bouch for the North British Railway in the late 1870s. He thought that pressures no greater than about 10 pounds per square foot could be expected, a comment Bouch took to mean also applied to the first Tay railway bridge then being built. Much greater pressures however, can be expected in severe storms. Airy was called to give evidence before the Official Inquiry into the Tay Bridge disaster, and was criticised for his advice. However, little was known about the problems of wind resistance of large structures, and a Royal Commission on Wind Pressure was asked to conduct research into the problem.]17[

Private life]edit[

Airy — (spr. ehri), Sir George Biddell, engl. Astronom, geb. 27. Juli 1801 zu Alnwick in Northumberland, 1836 81 Direktor der Sternwarte zu Greenwich, gest. 4. Jan. 1892 zu London. »Autobiography« (1896) …   Kleines Konversations-Lexikon

Re-designed Airy in



"Airy" is pronounced as "fairy" without its first letter, which becomes an integral part of the hidden meaning of the Bravely Default subtitle.

 — стойка для просушки одежды

 — сушильный, вентиляция, выход в эфир, аэрация

 — безвоздушный, душный, безветренный, тихий

срав. степ. (comparative): airier
прев. степ. (superlative): airiest