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Купить Microsoft Office Mac Home and Student (Для Дома и Учебы) 2016 Russian Russia Only Medialess (GZA-00585): цена, характеристики, отзывы


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Dad uses two fingers on his MacBook trackpad to zoom in on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The

spreadsheet details the cost of a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Close-up of the daughter’s presentation, highlighting the words “Pacific Northwest.”

The daughter stands in a park in Seattle, using her iPhone to take a picture of the Space Needle.

[Do your best work anywhere, anytime]

The co-editing isn't new for Mac users, but it was only in Word and Excel before, and it was rather more primitive. Now it's clearer and easier to use, and more like the Office 2013 experience (which makes it easier to explain to people on Windows how to use it).

Office 2016 supports Rights Managed documents and emails. Here you can restrict what people can do with an email or apply company policies created by an admin

Office 2016 for Mac also gets new ways of protecting documents. The Rights Management Services features Microsoft already added to Office for iPad are in the Mac preview as well, so you can send an email that someone can't forward, or set a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document so that it expires on a certain date and can't be printed or copied. In Outlook you set these restrictions from the Options tab on the ribbon in the message you're writing. In Word, Excel and PowerPoint you use the Restrict Permissions options in the File menu (another place splitting features between the ribbon and the menus gets confusing).

What Mac users don't get are the proactive Data Loss Prevention warnings in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016 on Windows, or the Outlook mail tips that tell you when you're trying to save or share information your admin has restricted. That's the kind of feature we expect Microsoft to add at least to Outlook for Mac over time though, because it relies on technology in Exchange.

Create a new document in Word 2016

Word for Mac

Having started life on the Mac, Word already has very much the same features as on Windows; in fact Word for Mac 2016 keeps a feature lost in Word 2013. When you control-click on a misspelled word to correct it, you can choose AutoCorrect to have the same mistake fixed automatically in future, which saves an enormous amount of time. (The same option is in the Excel spell check dialog, but again it was removed in Excel 2013.) That means the changes here are mostly to the interface.

You can quickly see in Word when other people are working in your document

Сравнительная таблица различных выпусков Microsoft Office 2016:

Приложение / Версия

Office для дома и учебы 2016

Office для дома и бизнеса 2016

Office профессиональный 2016


для дома

для дома или бизнеса

для дома или бизнеса

Word 2016
Создавайте впечатляющие документы и читайте с удовольствием.

Excel 2016
Познавайте новые грани анализа и обменивайтесь данными.

PowerPoint 2016 
Создавайте и представляйте яркие презентации просто и уверенно.

OneNote 2016
Создавайте заметки и просматривайте их в любое время, где бы вы ни находились.

Outlook 2016 
Управляйте своей почтой, календарем, контактами и списком дел.

Access 2016
Отслеживайте важные сведения и составляйте отчеты с помощью удобных инструментов для работы с базами данных.

Publisher 2016 
Создавайте профессиональные и эффектные публикации.

Приложение / Версия

Office для дома и учебы 2016

Office для дома и бизнеса 2016

Office профессиональный 2016


Рекомендуем посетить раздел FAQ. В нем подробно разобраны наиболее часто встречающиеся вопросы по лицензированию Microsoft. В частности, понятным языком описаны плюсы и минусы типов поставок ПО, возможность использования программ в офисе, а также многое другое.

Office 2016 suites include:

Office Home and Student 2016

  • Includes the 2016 versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  • One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac1
  • Transferable license*
  • Non-commercial use rights

Системные требования:

  1. Процессор с набором инструкций SSE2 x86 или x64.
  2. 1 Гигабайт ОЗУ (для 64-разрядных систем нужно 2 Гигабайта).
  3. 3 Гигабайта свободного места на HDD.
  4. Монитор с разрешением 1024 x 768 и более.
  5. Нужна поддержка видеокартной DirectX10

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