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Д microsoft office home and student 2016 for mac

Office 2016 review: Hands on with Office 2016 for Mac

Update: Below is our first impression "hands on" review of Office 2016 for Mac. To read our thoughts on the final release, check out our Office 2016 for Mac review. If you're considering upgrading from Office 2011 for Mac to Office 2016 for Mac, point your cursor at our Office 2011 for Mac versus Office 2016 for Mac article.

Microsoft's cross-platform strategy and emphasis on productivity means that Office on the Mac needs a major update. Office 2011 is so long in the tooth, and previous versions of Outlook on the Mac so much of an embarrassment, that it wouldn't be hard for this new release to look a lot better.

However, the preview of Office 2016 for Mac does better than that. It includes not just Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but Outlook for Mac (an upgrade to the new version previously available only if you had an Office 365 tenant) and an updated version of the free OneNote for Mac.

You don't get the extra-fast Windows-style click to run setup with the Office for Mac Preview, but the installation is straightforward – it takes five to ten minutes depending on the speed of your Mac, and you need 5.6GB of space.

Once the installation is done you get a real version of Office, with features and tools that will be familiar to Windows users, but in the form of real Mac applications as well. You get the ribbons and task panes of the Windows Office applications – although not always the full set of features.

(There are powerful features in all the Office programs that are still only on Windows. Office 2016 for Mac is definitely more powerful than Office for iPad and it has more features than the Windows RT version of Office, Office Online or the new Office for Windows 10 touch applications, but it's closer to Office Home and Student than the Pro version of Office 2013).

That said, you get these features as part of a true Mac interface, from the Retina graphics and high resolution document themes to the familiar scroll bounce. If anything, Office 2016 is almost too much of a Mac application, because instead of putting everything on the ribbon the way Office does on Windows, it both splits and duplicates features between the ribbon and the menus.

Представляет собой ключ для активации, в комплекте с которым покупатель получает ссылку на скачивание дистрибутива. Достаточно зайти по ссылке, ввести ключ и следовать дальнейшим инструкциям по установке и настройке программы. Ключ продукта не привязывается к материнской плате устройства.
Для подтверждения подлинности лицензии достаточно иметь распечатку ключа, а также документы, удостоверяющие приобретение данного программного продукта.

If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you can use both Mac and Windows version.

  • Standard (Стандартный)
  • MS Office Professional Plus (Профессиональный Плюс)

Если не знаете какая версия офисного пакета подойдет именно Вам, то обращайтесь к онлайн консультантам Softmagazin. Специалисты интернет-магазина помогут Вам с выбором и дадут полную информацию о продуктах и лицензиях.

Почему стоит приобрести MS Office (2013) 2016 именно в Softmagazin:

Операционная система - Mac OS X 10.10

Особенности поставки: в коробке только ключ для активации продукта, установочный диск в комплект не входит!

Посмотреть скриншоты

Product angle appears on screen, showing off the simplified sharing features. Dad shares the document

with Kendall and Luis, giving them both editing permissions.


Product angle appears on screen. Two people co-author the Word document in real time.

Dad continues to work as the daughter sleeps.

iPad displaying the PowerPoint presentation.

Camera zooms out to show the daughter in front of her class at school, using the iPad to make a

presentation about the Pacific Northwest.

Is Office 2016 worth it for you?

Office 2016 isn't just a fresh coat of paint -- it's a significant upgrade to Microsoft's iconic productivity software. It makes meaningful changes to how you can work together with others on a single file or an entire project. Office has come a long way since in the last few years and the extras you get with the 2016 versions are enticing, if you're willing to pay.

If you're already an Office 365 subscriber, you're getting Office 2016 for free, included with your membership cost. There's no reason not to upgrade, since you're keeping all the same features from Office 2013 (on PC) and Office 2011 (on Mac), plus getting the new features added in Office 2016.

For those who don't have an Office 365 subscription and are considering getting one, Office 2016 might be the reason to bite the bullet. It's already brimming with every feature you could need, and now it's especially useful for collaborating with others. Plus, with 365, you get 1TB of online cloud storage space, where you can save the files you create in Office so they're accessible everywhere. It's a good deal if you really need the extra features that Office has.

Whether you’re working on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll have instant access to your documents anytime, anywhere with OneDrive cloud storage.