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"This is a follow-up to our successful move of our daughter's belongings from Omaha, Nebr. to Davis, California. The move went very well. The pup was delivered to our house in Omaha as promised on Friday, May 9th and was picked up promptly Monday morning, May 12th for the move to California. During the week of transition, I appreciated being able to track the consignment via the 800 telephone number and the consignment code. When we arrived at Davis, California, the pup was delivered at 8:30 Tuesday morning, May 20th. We had our things unloaded by 1:00. I called the transport office to say the pup was ready to be picked up, and it was picked up by 3:30. We appreciated the prompt delivery and pickup, as we were dealing with a tight parking area and didn't want to block traffic too long. The cost of Help-U-Move was very comparable to U-Haul, without the hassle and time of driving across country. We saved a week of vacation time by going with Help-U-Move. I will keep your telephone number, e-mail address and Internet web address on file, as I have no hesitation about recommending your services based on our experience. " ideal for all beginner and advanced users, and everyone who passionately wants to capture their leisure activities or hobbies in videos and images. These include extreme sports, sports activities outside, cycling, auto DVR, diving, surfing, kite boarding, skating, paintball, skydiving, riding, snowboarding and skiing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, quad biking and swimming. The camera also works well as a dashboard camera (recording starts/stops automatically when loading or not loading), for jetskiing, official car and motorcycle races, to analyse/evaluate training scenarios such as fire brigade training, rescue services and also martial arts, model planes, cars, boats, quadrocopters, recording via motion detectors for use as home security cameras, and PC cameras. There are also countless other uses for the compact action camera from Ultrasport.

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UMove - это единственная утилита, которая может делать ежедневные снимки или копировать базу данных Active Directory, даже на нерабочем компьютере. Она сохраняет и восстанавливает AD, как ни одна другая утилита.

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Порекомендуете ли Вы эту достопримечательность любителям истории?

U-Move is a trusted major supplier and modifier of DNV rated shipping containers, for offshore application, and specific industry approved specifications.


Migrating Active Directory to a new computer can be a complicated task. U-Move will guide you through a simple step-by-step procedure to replace the old domain controller (DC) with a new domain controller, all while checking your actions each step of the way.

U-Move will carefully guide you through the entire upgrade process. It will perform hundreds of tests to look for many common (and some not-so-common) errors. U-Move will offer to do the most difficult steps automatically for you: moving the FSMO roles and movingDNS. Or you can do it all yourself and have U-Movecheck your work.

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"I'm writing to thank you once again for Help-U-Move's good service.

This was an inexpensive move, and the truck even arrived two days earlier than estimated!"


It is very easy to switch between video recording/photography/playback/settings. In particular there are the following settings for video and photo recording: Resolution, cyclic recording, HDR, movement detection, audio, date display, shooting mode, quality, sharpness, white balance, colour, ISO, lighting, face recognition, stabilisation, fast cycling, language, date/time, auto off, acoustic signal, TV mode, screen saver, frequency, rotate, auto mode, delete, format, standard settings and version number.

1 x Waterproof case
1 x Waterproof case bracket
1 x Waterproof case clip
1 x Bike bracket
1 x Multifunction clip
1 x Camera clip
1 x Helmet seat
1 x Bandages cleaning cloth
1 x Power adapter
1 x 3M stickers
1 x USB cable
1 x Bracket adapter
1 x Manual