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Highly Specialized PDF Conversion Features For Different Formats

Convert, Export and Extract data from PDF...

  • To Excel: Personally tailor your conversion. Data and spreadsheet analysts can designate PDF table rows and columns, and even preview the output before conversion. You can convert *HTML to Excel or Text to Excel as well.
  • To HTML: Web developers and designers can instantly convert PDF to HTML and create an HTML gallery of the resulting web pages. Convert HTML to Word and Text to Word, too.
  • To Word: Able2Extract’s Microsoft Office conversion options let you convert to more than just PDF to Word--convert PDF to RTF, PDF to Word 2007, and PDF to DOCX. HTML to Word and Text to Word are also available.
  • To Text: For users needing only simple data extraction, Able2Extract can perform simple PDF to Text and HTML to Text conversions.
  • To Open Office: Work with Open Office formats and open source productivity suites by converting PDF to ODT (Writer), PDF to ODS (Calc), PDF to ODP (Impress).
  • To Image Formats: Convert graphical PDF content to image formats, such as PDF to JPG, PDF to GIF, PDF to BMP. Specify compression options, GIF speed animation, DPI, resolution, and more!
  • To AutoCAD: AEC professionals can choose to convert from either PDF to DWG or PDF to DXF when working with CAD drawings.
  • To Publisher: Convert marketing material and final prints in PDF To Publisher for professional publishing content.
  • To PowerPoint: Turn visually compelling content locked in PDF documents with Able2Extract’s PDF To PowerPoint conversion option.

Convert, Export and Extract data from Text...

  • Text to Excel: Convert your textual content to Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet database.
  • Text to Word: Upgrade your plain text to richer Microsoft Word documents you can format.
  • Text to HTML: Get text for websites into HTML to help construct web pages more easily.

Convert, Export and Extract data from *HTML...

Crystal M Orr

"The easiest to install

and use"
I just wanted to add my name to your testimonials list. I have tried

at least 6 other PDF converters, and was sold after about 10 minutes

when I tried yours. I tried it on a 100 page page document under

Win Me. No faults, no gpfs, no errors! PDF995 has to be the easiest

to install and use PDF converter I've ever seen, not to mention

the security features in Signature 995. Other converters I've tried

were either much more expensive, harder to use, had no (or little)

security features, and web link preservation just wasn't possible.

Keep up the good work! Great product - I love it! 5 Stars! I registered


Joe Del Principe

"Quickest, most effective

technical support"
You rock! This is the quickest, most descriptive and most effective

technical support I have ever received over email. And this coming

from a guy who began his career in technology by marketing WordPerfect

technical support - well known for its industry-setting support

standards. The process worked, you helped me overcome weaknesses

in the operating system (which you shouldn't be accountable to do)

and I was able to use the product this morning. Much appreciated.

Lyle Ball

Perfect PDF 5 Converter 5.6 full details

Perfect PDF 5 Converter 5.6 Keywords

- Windows 7 compatible


The results are accurate and identical to the original documents since we have a full control of the conversion process. Also, it is 100% secure since it is done locally on the iPad. Your documents never leave it and you do not need active online connection.

Save And Sign Documents

Perfect PDF is licensed per application. Everyone on your team can develop with it using a single license.
No need to buy a site license or manage seats!


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