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Free PDF to Word Converter – программа, преобразующая файлы межплатформенного формата электронных документов PDF в файлы формата Word. Утилита производит экспорт содержимого файлов с сохранением текстов, графики, шрифтов и стилей. Благодаря функциональным возможностям программы стороннее программное обеспечение не требуется – Фри ПДФ ту Ворд Конвертер работает в автономном режиме. Скачать Free PDF to Word Converter бесплатно вы можете на данном сайте.

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  • by James Thornton

    Don't get me wrong, the PDF format is perfect for sharing information in a well-presented manner over...
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  • by James Thornton

    The PDF format has become the de-facto standard in graphical document distribution and it looks like...
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How To Make One Page Landscape?

Sometimes, you might be required to have a page in landscape mode instead of the regular portrait style in a word page. Landscape arrangement leads to horizontal alignment of the selected text or image. Generally, the tables or images need to be aligned horizontally so that you can understand the table for detailed information. Here, we shall provide you simple tutorial... Read more

Free PDF to Word Converter

Libre Office separated from OpenOffice in early 2011, when Oracle took over this fan beloved project. It is very similar to OpenOffice,...


The only real criticism we can have of Free PDF to Word Converter is the sheer volume of buttons and links designed to make you pay for the pro version and so on. The installer also has a lot of 'offers' which you need to decline if all you want is this app. Having the pro version installed with this free version also means it takes up more disk space than necessary - although you can uninstall that separately.