Excel to mysql converter

Excel to MySQL Smart Converter

By using this smart application you can convert any MS Excel file sheet directly to MySQL table with just some few mouse clicks.

Virtual Server users option

  1. ask your Virtual Server administrator to create blank database for
  2. run Excel-to-MySQL and select this database as the conversion
  3. click "Yes" when you will be asked if you'd like to overwrite
    existing MySQL database


Life time free upgrades to new versions

Ability to suggest a feature

Excel to MySQL Features

This software was designed to transfer data between MySQL tables and MS Excel sheets quickly and neatly and to simplify the process of data conversion as much as possible.

Automatically check the Index checkbox for Integer
: If enabled (default), columns with an
Integer data type will have the Create
Index option enabled by default.

It also supports the launch of tasks via command line.

Access-MySQL Converter  is a powerful tool that can convert any Access database to MySQL and vice versa. Supporting many advanced features like conversion table relationships, conversion schedule, selecting certain tables or fields...

5 stars -

The classic SQL Converter for Excel has been in use by busy people worldwide, from the smallest home-based web development companies to fortune 500 organizations and government agencies.