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Converting DWG to 3D PDF with PDF3D ReportGen

3D CAD users can now easily convert DWG files created in AutoCAD 2014 into 3D PDFs using PDF3DReportGen.

progeCAD, the Real CAD Alternative

3D PDF Converter is a software utility designed to help you convert 3D objects and CAD data into more manageable PDF files, thanks to their wide platform support and minimum impact on system resources. Furthermore, the application is also able to include interactivity into the converted models, which allows you to measure, comment and section the inserted data directly into Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Move from MBD to MBE

The optimal format for expanded use of 3D throughout the enterprise

With full support for import of PMI data such as dimensions, tolerances, and annotations, complete with intelligent PMI view states, 3D PDF Converter already provides the tools you need to share 3D MBD with suppliers. When combined with the power of configurable PDF templates, dynamic form fields, the ubiquity of the free Adobe Reader, thec security of the PDF format, and the full suite of advanced 3D PDF solutions and services available from tetra4D, your company can easily and affordably make the transition to a Model-based Enterprise.

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We are certain that you have needed to convert a PDF to a Word file for editing at some point....
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If so, what would be an acceptable work flow, the author using 3D PDF Converter to create a 3D PDF to send to someone with a free Acrobat Reader, or the ability to send a Revit file to someone with 3D PDF Converter??


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Convert 3D CAD data containing Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to 3D PDF

Feel free to use this proces to output 3D PDF files from AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit or any other CAD software. See a sample (660kB). But please note that there are more effective ways how to present 3D CAD models, on any device - e.g. 3D DWF or cloud-based native ("format-less") Autodesk 360 viewer.